Amibroker / Metastock Data SDK

Amibroker Data Plugin

Want to Feed Custom Data to Technical Softwares like Amibroker???

Our Custom made Amibroker Data Plugin is the right solution for you. It is custom made with your name and versioning shown in Amibroker Database Settings.

Highly Optimized for Data Reading and Mutiple Stock Feed,Indications for connection/Disconnection/Authentication.

Feed Data From CSV /ASCII Files or Connect to your own SQL and take direct data to be displayed on chart.

Amibroker Data Plugin Comes Totally Customizable or can be made to order. Takes 250,000-500,000 bars and can block Unregistered users access.

Metastock OnDemand / Online Data Feed

Data feed to Metastock has been a often discussed Issue with Application Developers.

Requiring custom feed, real time Update to metastock requires a deviation from standard methods.

We Provide Online Data Feed to Metastock which ensures that there is NO flicker to any chart while the data is being refreshed/written. Compared to metalib which leads to flickering of charts, Our on demand Data feed can take any kind of data and feed directly to Metastock without any delay or any kind of data corruption or tick loss.

Today most data vendors and brokers offer their own software for customers and APIs for developers. This may create a demand for software customization on the basis of APIs, for integrating software from different developers, etc. We have extensive experience working with software and hence we are able to implement a custom solution in the shortest time possible for automated trade execution or any other tasks based on third party software.