Technical Consultancy Leader : Cognosys

Cognosys is a Proven Leader in Technical Consultancy and this is reflected in the number of urgent calls our technical team gets every day from problems which range not only from Performance Optimization on diverse technological Stacks to Complex Architectural Guidance spanning Bleeding edge technologies To Legacy Binaries To Server Crashes & Urgent DR Provisioning, you name it and we get it. Clients rush out to us from Big brothers of Big Data to custom Niche market Social Engineering Solution and yes we love problems.

Normal is Boring at Cognosys. With a Bring-It-On Attitude and some real crazy people who are fanatic about performance and paranoid about Security, we are not just consultants for any kind of problems but it’s your problems who actually teach us humility and make us a better resource every cpu cycle.

Approach us for a Brain Storming session today or dump your headache on us. We Deliver. Period.