Real Estate Management

With tools to streamline and manage every stage of the real-estate portfolio life cycle, Real Estate Management provides strategic and operational support for effectively managing property and real-estate investments.

Key features and functions support the following activities:

Portfolio management – Support for managing real estate portfolios enables property managers to define real estate infrastructure and manage business partner relationships. Real Estate Management supports these business processes with tight integration with software for business partners and business information warehouse.

Commercial Real Estate Management – Commercial real estate managers, such as managers of retail, office, industrial, and residential property, need a solution based on an ERP solution to cover their core business processes. Real Estate Management supports real estate search, lease administration, rent escalation, common area maintenance reconciliation, and percentage rent management.

Corporate Real Estate Management – Corporate real estate managers, such as those who mange corporate offices and branches, help core business operations deliver goals for enabling growth, reducing costs, and providing a high-quality environment for their employees. Real Estate Management supports space management, work-space assignment and movement of employees, and room and services reservation.

Facilities Management – Real Estate Management supports all processes related to building operations, construction, modernization, maintenance, repairs, and services, which are integrated with software for project systems and enterprise asset management.

Support Processes – Real Estate Management is tightly integrated with enterprise-wide business systems and processes that offer powerful tools to analyze and evaluate real estate portfolios and define investment strategies through accurate cost and revenue performance data. The application improves management of integrated property portfolios and provides complete cost visibility.