Cloud and Virtualization- the buzz words of recent years have put many of us fazed in multitude of ways – What Cloud Means to our company? What Cloud offers to our product? Do we really need this? How to virtualize our existing servers? How to make load balanced servers? How to migrate existing application to cloud? What about cloud certifications? What about security of data in cloud? My client is a bank, should we migrate them to cloud without compromising on data security? Cognosys Offers complete range of cloud services from Cloud Transition, Cloud Management, Datacentre Deployment,Virtualization of physical servers,Application Virtualization, Private /Public/Hybrid cloud Deployment.

Industry Analysts survey reports indicate that only less than 10% of companies have built private clouds that include all of the required elements of cloud that enable enterprise IT to fully transition to a complete service delivery model briefly defined as:

  • Service Catalog: Define your services
  • Service Analytics: Optimize your services
  • Automation: Rapidly deploy your services
  • Self-Service: Empower IT and your end users

Each of the above create a need for a more mature solution provider who has access and knowledge of the specific deployment.
Very few companies have built a private cloud that spans to public providers as part of a hybrid model.

Degree of adoption of cloud in your organisation depends upon your overall architecture and weather your load balanced physical servers with duplicated data and multiple redundancy is adding unnecessary to your cost. Right form migration and consolidation of your physical servers, we undertake a low cost virtualization solution which shall keep standby Live servers at any point of time and help you always be online despite the inevitability of server failure one time or the other.

Own Your Cloud- Private Cloud Deployment
If you are worried about High CPU usage, Slow performance of your servers, improper or missing load balancing, multiple backup policies and none of them being able to provide a live solution, then Cognosys has a solution for you.

Call us today to understand how we can help you. Ask you cloud computing Provider – are they certified for cloud architecture? Cognosys Brings to you IBM certified Cloud Solution Architect and Expert Azure services

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