CogCloud Trader — Trading on the Cloud


Market trends change with every passing minute with inflow of New platforms, new technologies and variety of services.

To be the best to survive in this competitive Financial Universe you need to be the fittest. Financial Giants, in the process of survival and to retain business profits are moving towards global market. To be known in Market, you need to be available everywhere. But with globalization, tremendous changes in the technology infrastructure and systems are required while maintaining the development cost at its minimum.

Cognosys empowers you with CogCloud Trader.

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This Cloud Trading solution enables you to have the trading environment which includes everything from your market data, strategies, clients,  partners,  resources and much more in a private cloud, in a secured and neutral manner.

Moving on from the traditional network setup and IT infrastructure to the Cloud Computing  requires minimum of extra work with CogCloud Trader.

CogCloud combines different virtual servers into a single computing cloud. This makes it possible for data administrators to maintain easily the distributed systems.
CogCloud Trader allows  to provide services on the global platform without losing the core business focus.