CogCache-A High Performance Distributed Caching Library

CogCache, a High Performance Caching Library is a distributed Object Oriented Framework which can be embedded in any Windows or Web based application and comes with a rich set of APIs to eliminate “chatter” web services.
Performance Optimization feature of CogCache helps in reducing unnecessary roundtrips between Application Layer and Database.
CogCache is generic in nature, it can be easily plugged in any database based architecture. It is intended to speed up the applications by alleviating unnecessary database load by providing a caching layer where any kind of object can be stored and retrieved without a single point of failure or loss of cache. Offering API to automatically serialize data objects allows clients to just push managed objects without bothering about conversion in any particular data format.

CogCache operates a distributed cache layer which uses extensive memory mapping to provide a low latency turnaround. It achieves high scalability with modern load balanced servers available in multiple physically isolated domains providing tremendous performance enhancement.

CogCache provides a highly optimized cache layer which replaces the expensive(w.r.t Speed and Server Load) connection to various Databases by reducing latency of response resulting into overall high performance of the web request calls. With a centralized cache system for the entire application despite each application layer on different web server, the amount of logically usable cache memory is much more as compared to the individual cache allotted per server. Cache solutions like memcache which uses distributed structure looses to cogcache owing to a part of memcache being recycled when the particular web server recycles, this leads to database being again until the cache is refilled again. In a cloud environment where recycling can happen any time, multiple recycle of different web servers might result in multiple requests to database server just to refill the cache which has already been requested earlier without any underlying data change.

CogCahe thus offers a much more optimized and practical answer to such distributed architecture where none of cache partitions are lost and replicated multiple times to allow for a lower latency call and thus allowing a much faster turn around time of web requests. CogCache is fast, simple and with minimal dependencies providing efficient caching to avoid heavy work lifting at data layer and thus optimizing Speed and Performance of the application lowering TCO for enterprise application at hand.