CogInfo – Information Management & Data Mining

Are you and your company floored by volumes of data coming through multiple sources? Information Overload has caused many organisations to loose their touch on pulse of things because it is just lots and lots of (e)papers, forms, files and records.

Nobody is able to get meaningful Information from this data. It is Just Data without providing any kind of Knowledge. If you can’t identify it, You can’t manage it and if you can’t manage it, you can’t secure it and if you can’t secure it, you can’t control it. Data Mining is a wonderful concept and the phrase keeps speaking to us from many web portals but how many of them actually deploy and use it or able to extend it across multiple industries , domains & Platforms?

Cognosys enables Organizations to reallocate and consolidate heterogeneous Computing resources distributed across multiple physical locations in a policy Driven, compliant and secure manner across Physical, Virtual and Cloud environments for a highly optimized delivery mechanism for end user and for a Self-Learning and reporting Framework within Organization in question. Not Only this Framework can regulate itself but it can also demonstrate its ability to handle such deviations with built-in Policies and adaptive Business rules.

Analytics and Dashboard on the front end, Low Latency High Volume Data Compilation & Data Mining coupled to governance server, Identity server, Resources sever & Reporting server leads to a basic framework on which custom Solution specific to the Domain or industry client is from is made and performance benchmarks made to self-learn and raise need for unidentified business rules.
Please call us today to know how we can help you handle data spread in IMs, Emails, forms, reports and multiple archived databases for a highly secured and highly optimized information management solution.