High Performance No DownTime Load Balanced Servers

Typical Server Case: High CPU Usage on Server with physical memory spiking 85-99 percentile all the time, HDD Getting burnt with High I/O and one fine day Ping fails and Your Junior network admin calls hurriedly. The moment you hear the news you dread the inevitable – Server has crashed and complete SQL /email server is down with it.

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You are hoping that transaction logs could be recovered and the new stored procedures you have deployed might have some script left on your desktop. But you know that the 18 hours old backup is still there but all last few hours records are gone or might be that your last week backup had some issue and you have promised yourself that you shall look into this urgently but just could not find time.

Whatever could be the reason, there shall be always downtime which you can’t avoid and there shall always be some part of data be still amiss.
What we need is a solution where your servers are live any-time. Standby servers should not be something you shall bring up after 24 hours of no sleep and starvation.
Cognosys Presents a matured well tested Cloud Computing solution which keeps you server Hot with standby load balanced servers at any time. Hardware failure or HDD crash does not bring down complete infrastructure. You merely know you standby is gone if you maintain 1+1 Hot Servers. Based on Your Infrastructure requirements, this could be 1+N layer of Hot Servers.
Cloud Computing Costs are not only lower than Physical servers on TCO basis but also because of scalability offered by Cloud computing resources and Security of private cloud Deployment, Server management costs can be reduced in big way.
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If you and your company does not want to run for cover when your complete server crashes and your present third party vendor raises their hands showing you 99% SLA which means Downtime of 7.2 hours per month.
Think Again… can your company live with a downtime of 7.2 hours per Month?
If not the call us today. Cognosys is the leading Global ISV with partnership with the best solution provider in world whether it’s Intel, IBM, Mirosoft, Vmware, HP.