CogSOA- High Performance SOA Library

CogSOA-High Performance SOA Library

Today SOA has become an intricate part of any application development. With the need of time, every application today needs to communicate with various other services to enhance the Software with maximum features.

Though Service Providers are available, they can be in various different languages or platforms. So to make this communication possible SOA comes into the picture. But with the need to enhance the feature, Speed and Performance gets hampered.

Today many are victims of this problem. And if you are facing the same demon, then you are at the right place with the Perfect Solution. CogSOA is here to replace this Inverse Ratio of SOA to Performance with a Direct Ratio.

CogSOA is all there to provide Interoperability among different systems and
programming languages with Performance and Speed like a local communication.

It follows Rules of reuse, granularity, modularity, composability, componentization and interoperability.
It maintains standards-compliance (both common and industry-specific).And also services identification and categorization, provisioning and delivery, and monitoring and tracking.