CogMessaging- Messaging As A Service

Messaging Middleware solutions have grown importance with the increase of data to be transmitted whether its Cloud monitoring services or Financial markets requiring High volume of data at Lower latency.With rising speed of internet today,Clients are becoming more &

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more demanding- Analytics, Live Monitoring, Server management,Security Policies -everything takes a bigger and bigger resource chunk out of your solution.And to add to this, the Best of solutions offered and the one what can support your architecture ends up being in totally different language and protocol.Its not possible that your applications are rewritten to suit your middleware.

Cognosys has introduced CogMessaging – Messaging As a Service where irrelevant of the protocol you are using or other middle ware products adopted at the destination,You shall be able to talk in your own language to the service layer and it talks to destination in the language it understands.

Our messaging platform efficiently bridges together different IT sections and communications technologies on a common enterprise backbone to manage the real-time flow of information with very low latency as well as data security.
CogMessaging provides with messaging service from “Any-to-Any” messaging protocol.

CogMessaging supports almost all the available Messaging Protocols like IBM WebSphere MQ, RabbitMQ, ZeroMQ,ActiveMQ,AMQP (Advanced Message Queing Protocol), MSMQ(Microsoft Message Queuing) . For example it allows you send message from AMQP to ZeroMQ or AMQP to MSMQ and vice versa.

CogMessaging delivers messages with Security, Reliability and Performance as highest priorities. This messaging Service is totally configurable and can be configured as required for the concerned situation or extended with other third party API to manage, host and dynamically learn and react to changing conditions.

Whether you are a Financial Services provider/ Broker/Data Vendor or a ERP application provider for retail industry or a defence contractor looking for a Low latency, Low bandwidth , high volume solution,Cogmessaging is your answer. Offered both as a Self Hosted Private Cloud as well as secured Public Cloud or Hardened Native deployments, CogMessaging can make remove need for managing any RPC calls,WCF calls,Unnecessary load balancing of messaging servers, Configuration of enterprise java servers,managing sockets,buffers,multiple I/O threads-Your application is blind to all. The Service provides all plumbing and you can concentrate on what your application is designed to deliver.

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