CogDAM-Suite for Digital Media Asset Management

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CogDAM Digital Asset Management helps you create,manage and deliver images,videos and any other content to any screen or devices.Keep your master assets handy, organised and quickly customizable.

CogDAM offers a secure and Centralized  repository to manage digital media content. Scalable for the Enterprises, it offers capabilities for advanced end-to-end workflows, review, approval, publishing and distribution of assets.CogDAM helps in using digital assets to drive value for the organization.

CogDAM helps you to deliver consistently high quality,smooth video with adaptive bitrate live streaming.CogDAM offers a one-step video streaming solution where you can just directly upload any kind of video format and it is automatically encoded to offer adaptive streaming capabilities enabling it to be streamed like a buffered output offering users a YouTube like experience.

Our Key Features :

Continuing Working and Your Video Shall Follow

The biggest challenge of end user is that you have multiple work at same time.
You can not just watch video and leave all your work aside.

We Understand Your Problem

With new release we are allowing you to take your video with you, whether you are on outlook, youtube or using your ERP.
Keep watching the video simultaneously with other work.

Our Library

Video Simultaneously With Other Work