Mobile Based Charting Platform

Mobile Charts Application
Smart Trader Mobile Suite allows traders around the world to execute and manage trades from anywhere using software based programs on their mobile phones and PDAs (Personal Digital Assistants). This allows great flexibility to the individual that has time constraints from sitting in front of computer. User gets live stock quotes and increase returns by keeping in touch with your investments wherever you are on-line or offline! Become a more sophisticated investor with this invaluable tool for your Windows Mobile Pocket PC or touch-screen Smartphone.

Market watch features an easy-to-use portfolio manager, for advanced stock information views, stock charts, stock price alarms, detailed stock quote information, profit/loss and portfolio value calculations and an automatic quote fetch timer. Access to latest company news, multiple colour schemes and large, easy to read text used for price information make this a must-have for everyone interested in becoming a more sophisticated investor.

Advantages to mobile trading software: It allows individuals to access their trading platform from anywhere and at any-time. The individual is automatically alerted when price hits a desirable level. It also allows traders to view charts and indicators for strategic planning. With live updates though your internet connection to your mobile media, it allows you to receive up-to-date live quotes from the market makers.

This is crucial for your trading success. Staying rightly informed and reacting to fluctuations in the stock market is easy with mobile trading. All you need to get started with a Smart Trader account and an Internet-enabled mobile device, to get live quotes research investments, and place trades. Stay connected to the market – view watch lists, get quotes, and read real-time research and news on your mobile phone. Trade on the go – you can trade stocks, options or ETFs or view open orders in your secure trading account.