Quant-Neural Data Server

Quant-Neural Data Server is all about enhancing the productivity of the global investment professional by providing real time data. For Traders its challenging to have constant n growing financial marketplace. Aim of Quant-Neural Data Server is to provide secure, fast, most complete, reliable, quality market data to clients. Every generation of financial professionals has its icons. The ones who aim to out think, out work and out perform. This generation is no different, but the marketplace is.

Quant-Neural Data Server offers unparalleled throughput,  proprietary compression and IP technologies to deliver data in true real-time. Quant-Neural Data Server can be easily integrated into a LAN, WAN, VSAT, Intranet or private network by simply encapsulating into “Internet Protocol packets”, which is standard way of sending data over a network with common hardware. The core of QNDS receives incoming data feed and independently process and delivers it to your employee and clients without imposing demands on your network or systems. Support of well featured IP technology, built-in flexibility and expandability that meets current and future data needs, regardless of market volumes. So that there will not need to upgrade any expensive upgrades and hardware. It is a highly Optimised solution for finance market professionals.


Quant-Neural Data Server is designed with the flexibility to adapt to your changing needs. As QNDS is more collaborative than anything you’ve ever laid hands on. It is targeted for making the data available to the right users anywhere, anytime.


In today’s fast-paced Exchange environment,there is need of low latency real time data. Quant-Neural Data Server is extracting rapid, seamless high volume of data. Our server takes the demands of real-time data processing off of your network and systems. The QNDS efficiently and independently receives databases and redistributes the information to your desktops and clients.


Handling multiple data feed drivers and services to run it concurrently for fulfilling clients need for as per requirement is most important feature of Quant-Neural Data Server .

Traders need has been taken into consideration for data storage. QNDS has a completely historical data storage methodology that allows almost unlimited data to be stored. One can store 50+ years of daily data, months of minute bars and ticks, on everything if needed. Data is stored in compressed data blocks. Quick updating or accessing block is easy.


  • Trading Desks
  • Financial Application Developers
  • Order Execution Systems
  • Analytical Modelling
  • Internal Risk Management
  • Order Matching
  • Price Engines
  • Wholesale Redistribution