Classified/Ad Management

Online Classifieds today are the easiest way for people to buy/sell products and services over internet. They have now become an integral part of any community based or portal websites. They are widely being used for industry specific websites and proven to be a huge success. They are also being used for online services like Dating and Match Making. But Designing and Developing software for any of these websites can be a very complex and costly process.

Salient Features Are :

  • Featured Classified Ads
  • Front Page Classifieds gallery
  • Bold and Highlighted ads
  • Paid/Free Images for ads
  • Extension of classified ads for admin defined fee per day
  • Buy now options for classifieds
  • Inbuilt Ad Management system with support for text and banner ads

Key Applications of the Classified Ads:
Run dedicated classifieds site to tap the great earning opportunity that this site offers.
Run as free classifieds service to drive more traffic for your site.
Use as advertising platform for your products / other sites.
Classify is our solution for Classifieds and Advertising management. Maximise the profits from your expenditure on ads by using Classifieds. Classify targets paid as well as free Advertising portals to promote your product. Provides auto banners, Flash templates giving a wide range of choice with your budget over all the popular advertising websites.

The days you spend on designing advertising strategies will be reduced to minutes.With innovative Classifieds you will find a drastic cut in your advertising expenses with intelligent use of free Ads and diligence in paid Ads.