CorpSealPro – Data Loss Prevention For Corporates

Data Loss or Data theft is increasing at an alarming rate causing nightmares for the IT security admins and billions of dollar loss for Industry.

No Corporate can bear to see that an idea which it was nurturing still has reached the coffers of its competitors and

the complete road mad of next couple of years and years of research has been lost.

CorpSealPro Seals up your corporate network in a variety of ways:

Routes all INTERNET traffic through especially configured servers which shall raise alerts and shut down traffic to/fro any system based on preconfigured parameters,Especially bills,invoices,files market confidential never leave your company

Traces and filters all IM which are source of most information leak.

All traffic leaving for INTERNET shall remain completely encrypted to ensure no network spoofing.

Effective Permission Control

Our CorpSeal Pro solution manages the access permission of device, printer, email, removable storage device, Instant messaging applications, programs, documents and specific port/IP. Moreover, it also helps you prevent unauthorized computers from connecting to the internal network to steal confidential information and to spread virus/malware. In addition, unauthorized users cannot use IM applications and emails to contact with any other people. And unauthorized users cannot send emails to un-allowed domain and recipients.

Comprehensive Monitoring

CorpSeal Pro solution not only records employees’ file actions in detail, but also protects confidential information from being illegally transferred out via network and portable devices. In addition, CorpSeal assists enterprises in identifying and blocking any illegal file operations.

Transparent Data Encryption

CorpSeal Pro solution is able to automatically encrypt and decrypt data stored on authorized removable devices with its removable storage device management feature which is completely invisible to users. Users cannot detect its existence. In addition, encrypted data are only accessed by authorized users and computers.

Powerful Logging

CorpSeal Pro solution lets you monitor how your data is being used, records users’ computer activity and provides a detailed report for you to check and discover any illegal actions.

Instant Warning and Alert

CorpSeal Pro solution sends real-time warning messages to users when they commit any illegal actions. Users can be required to justify their actions or process can be blocked if they violate corporate data usage policy. At the same time, an instant alert will pop up to notice administrators. All illegal actions will be collected and listed on a report. This facilitates administrators’ management, effectively prevents data leakage, and secures your confidential information.