Live Stock Charts – Best Web Based Technical Analysis and Charting

Our Cloud Based Technical Analysis and Algorithmic Trading Platform:

Cognosys Offers a Smart Technical Analysis Software solution for individuals as well as brokers and Financial Institutions.

We bring to the table revolutionary capabilities in our Web Based On-line Charting Solution which not only incorporate but also exceed the feature capabilities provided by any desktop based Technical Analysis Software.

Our Cloud Based Design solutions give you a One Stop On-line Technical Analysis Solution which can be easily integrated with your broker and portfolio management  & accounting back end Services to offer a complete solution.

Being a Microsoft Silverlight Partner, we are proud to offer A Silverlight based solution harnessing the beauty and efficiency of Silverlight to fit the bill of financial services Industry.

This being highly demanding industry we have incorporated cutting edge capabilities to counter the constraints imposed by Real Time Data Disseminations and Market Scans over Huge databases. In keeping with our futuristic approach our designs are Cloud based Solutions, well tested on cloud platforms which also support FIX and FAST.

Silverlight based On-line Stock Charting Solution provides you with a state-of-the-art Web based application that has the following features and many more:

It is a cross-browser, cross-platform technology.

It runs in all popular Web browsers, including Microsoft Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari and Google Chrome.

Silverlight stock charts shows a brief preview of the GUI layer as well as shows a sample implementation scenario of our Financial Application Mesh – FinApp  that includes support for WCF, SOAP,  ASP.NET, AJAX ,XML, JSON, or RSS data.

Live Charts is our Stock Charting solution available over Cloud.

With Live Stock Charts you can chart real-time stock data, Embed objects like buy, sell, exit or custom bitmap symbols, insert text, trend lines, custom drawings.

Choose from 300+ most popular technical analysis indicators including Elliot Waves RSI MACD RSI TMA TRIX , overlay indicators, display charts with semi-log or linear scaling, print charts, save charts as images, save/load charts as binary files, and much more.

Use advanced Charting feature with Price Styles like Renko, Point and Figure, Three Line break and many more, all popular Line studies including Fibonacci and Gann Studies

Live Stock Charts gives a never before feel and freedom of a windows application right in your browser. Live Charts can be integrated easily with your existing website.
Say good bye to days of heavy installer, we have brought Technical analysis right at your fingertips!

If you are an active trader, investor, stock broker or just getting started in the markets, Live Charts is the software for you.  Charting analysis is possible with ease like never before.

Live Stock Charts has the most complete technical analysis which can be integrated with real time news, Automated trading,  Fundamental Financial information and customised to serve any broker or data vendor looking to integrate an On-line technical analysis solution for his/her website.