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Automated Algorithmic Trading Platform with Professional Technical Analysis & Charting Software Suite

Best Algorithmic Trading Platform Cloud Ready Quantitative trading

Cognosys Presents Automatic Trading Platform, designed for being Broker Neutral, Security Class Neutral and Vendor Neutral solution and is part of the Cognosys Trading Suite consisting of all-in-one solution offered on different platforms: Desktop, Web, Mobile and the cloud.  The Suite can seamlessly integrate with existing legacy solutions from multiple brokers and vendors.
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Cognosys’s Algorithmic Trading Platform is totally customizable as per needs of your clients and the community offers support to multiple Data Sources Including extending feed to other technical analysis software.

Features and Advantages

• First Algorithmic Trading Platform to be HP Convergence Infrastructure certified.
• First Algorithmic Trading Platform to be Cloud Ready and Deployed on SaaS as well as SaS Model.

• Automated trading through Interactive Brokers in 63 Exchanges of world.
• Broker Neutral Supporting Multiple class of securities
• Algorithmic Trading Business Rules which can be Chosen from around 300+ Technical Indicators and 50+ Built-in    Trading System and/or Any Custom indicator coded by the Trader
• Built-in Technical Trading Language
• Modular support in Algo trading Platform for Latest Versions of FIX engine and Fast Protocol which includes lot of    optimizations and A Distributed Structure which has Gone beyond existing Recommendations of these protocol to    optimize the process for a more higher throughput in both persistent and non-persistent modes.
• Software Development Kit available for Brokers and Data vendors to be able to seamlessly integrate their legacy       application.
• Algo Trading Platform boasts best in class-An attractive and User friendly UI with 15+ Exotic Themes to choose from       Data streams in real-time with the features which beat expensive Algorithmic trading platforms.
• Symbol and interval linking and numerous Price styles available through a highly advanced Technical Analysis    platform suite
• Drag-and-drop indicator creation and Indicator Overlays
• Industry fastest Algorithmic Trading Platform
• Unlimited-symbol Algo Trading Platform
• True Portfolio-Level Back Testing and Optimization, with Smart Evolutionary algorithms, Scalability tested
• Market-neutral system support
• Fundamental data Mining and Processing
• Multiple Time-Frame support
• 3D optimization charts – Best Financial Stock Charting Library – These are not some borrowed charting library    from third    party. Graphics rendering has been specially made for Financial Charting and Low Latency High Volume Charting.
• Object-oriented charting, drawing layers
• Multiple Studies enough to meet your technical analysis requirements including Fibonacci lines, Gann Fans and    advanced Line Studies
• Flexible windows layout including Multi-window layouts, tabbing and docking
• Formula-based alerts
• Unique composite indicators for a Professional technical Analysis Experience
• Built-in web research browser for Researching your stocks inside Algo Trading Platform

Our Algorithmic Trading Platform solution with Professional Technical Analysis Module can use any kind of backend from Webservice Endpoints/WCF/ASMX,SQL Server, IBM DB2, Oracle, Embedded Database. As can be inferred there is “NO Lock-in” Costs in any of technologies and you are free to move to a new Backend without bringing down your clients and Months of additional development efforts in designing or deploying Best Algorithmic Trading Platform