Office/Business Security System

Our broad range of small business video and camera surveillance solutions are no exception. Not only can they help you reduce many of the top risks that businesses like yours face, they may help you improve your efficiency and enhance your company‘s operations as well. Because we believe your security solutions should help grow your business as well as protect it.

CCTV/Video surveillance is the fundamental building block of any good security system. Digital video can help provide you with a level of organizational awareness and control that was previously unimaginable. You can now manage visual information from virtually any place, anytime. Our experienced sales representatives can help you choose from our full line of CCTV/video surveillance equipment and services and design a solution customized to meet your current needs—and plan for future ones, as well.

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Benefits Of Security System

  • Easy Operation Our plug-and-play Business Security System is ready to install out of the box and no configuration is required. It supports motion or around-the-clock recording.
  • Remote Viewing This DVR comes bundled with Central Monitoring Software (CMS), software that allows you to view your cameras remotely from your personal computer.
  • Night Vision The night vision security cameras that are included with this kit provide color video during the day and at night they automatically switch to black and white mode to enable clear vision in complete darkness.