Low Latency Messaging Service: Market Data Distribution : Bullion Feeder

Cognosys Low Latency Messaging Service: Market Data Distribution solution caters to millions of end users and gives ultra-fast real time data access.

The Low Latency Messaging Service is ultra-scalable and ultra-fast network-middleware solution catering to desk as well as mobile customers.
Using combination of powerful tools like Node.js, Socket.IO, SignalR, Hadoop, CogMessaging on the back end and sleek, user friendly user interface with C#, .Net 4.0, Silverlight, JavaScript in front end gives Market Data Distribution solution / Bullion Feeder edges over contemporary products.
The Cognosys Low Latency Messaging Service utilizes cloud technology with Azure® and ADO.NET, LINQ, SMTP and SMS Gateways to provide cutting edge solution to Big Data,BI over petabyte data.

Cognosys Market Data Distribution on Azure® based PAAS model enables Low Latency Delivery to a large number of concurrent clients.
Market Data Distribution solution’s various application modules consist of:
Login, Administration, Reporting, Price alerts, News with add-on capability of in built social engineering application.

The Market Data Distribution solution is especially designed to easily handle huge amount of market data and dissipate it in real time, Scalable, to unlimited number of clients.Azure Market Data Distribution Low latency
The data management module leverages Hadoop, CogMessaging and Node.js technologies in combination with Azure SQL for Data Access, data distribution, data validation, authorization and authentication,Business Logic etc.

The application also supports Remote DBs/SAN, WCF, email and SMS gateway. Additionally for sensitive data Built-in provision for certificate/LDAP based security is available.

The Market Data Distribution solution offers range of Multiple products like Bullion Feeder, Equity Feeder and Derivatives feeder.

Our Middleware stack is able to handle nearly 1 million messages/sec on commodity hardware supporting thin clients and persistent connection to browsers with thousands of different topics at the same time which normally requires multiple high end servers with clients being shared across.