CogTrading API

Most users wish to create their own Trading Systems using their Trade ideas and In-depth Trading Knowledge. But no Trade System is accomplished without Trade API and for this one needs connection to the desired Exchange. Connection to the Exchange involves cross-platform communication. In addition to this, connection to various different Exchanges is desired at times.

Brokers provide Interfaces to connect to their Softwares, but APIs for these come with a complex usage due to poor pluggable architecture. The part of adopting these APIs into your tool gets so tedious that the basic reason to include API into your system gets long lost and you end up spending long hours fitting it in. Which results into more integration time and cost and painful efforts.

If you are facing problems on similar lines and looking out for best of the Solutions, then Welcome to the CogTrading API.

CogTrading API comes to the rescue by highly reducing the man hours and all round cost of integration. Resolving all these existing conundrums in the Trade Domain, Cognosys has developed CogTrading API.

This is pure API interface in form of a ready to use plug-in.

CogTrading API include all the generic functions required for Trading and many additional features like connection to the Exchanges to ensure Trade is executed completely. Equipped with a very detailed SDK within matter of hours your product will be ready to deploy.