Vehicle Tracking System

Selecting an efficient vehicle tracking system to improve on fleet management, the efficient running of complex systems and to reduce overall fleet costs is now becoming a far more popular option. Effective GPS tracking systems that incorporate not only vehicle tracking but data analysis as well are now one of the most effective tools in running a fleet successfully and efficiently. However, the sheer choice of vehicle tracking systems available to fleet managers can be baffling. There are two tracker systems freely available – Google’s Latitude and the alternative independent system, This factor makes the free services almost useless as effective commercial vehicle tracking systems and the data is limited to location only. Both gather GPS device location information, speed, heading and other diagnostic information. When choosing a GPS tracking system, consider exactly what you want the system to do for you. For effective fleet management, vehicle tracking systems and GPS tracking are essential tools that make the complex and costly operation of running a fleet efficiently much easier.

Vehicle Tracking
Vehicle Tracking

A simple four step guide that will help your car look unappealing to potential car thieves. Many thieves will target your car just because they see that GPS navigation system on your dash. The next tip is pretty simple and should be done anyway if you own a car. It is making sure that if you leave your car the windows are closed and the doors are locked. Windows are also easy since most power window automobiles allow you to control every window in the car from the drivers side of the car. The harder you make it for them the safer your car is going to be. That is power, and it is available to those that choose to install a GPS tracking device for cars. To be sure, GPS tracking for cars does help you get back your vehicle, but even that is not a 100% guarantee of success. Cheap and Effective Car Tracking With GPS There have been many improvements both in our ability to receive GPS signals from the satellites that orbit the earth and in our ability to use land based signals, like cell phone signals, to supplement a receiver’s ability to calculate a GPS location. The cheapest way to get some GPS tracking for your car or vehicle is through the use of a cell phone. Once you have turned your phone into a GPS tracking device you can begin tracking your car whenever you have your cell phone in it. Some phone systems can handle data transfers every 5 seconds!

Features of GPS Waterproof Tracking

• Compact size
• Easy to install
• SMS remote control for engine on/off
• Panic input for emergency or anti-theft
• Wide power supply range: 7-37 volt
• Auto switching to sleep mode
• Stand-by time up to 2 yrs
• Report the last location with Google Map Hyperlink to mobile phones (SMS only)

Benefits Of Vehicle Tracking System :

•Track and navigate your vehicle at any timeand anywhere.
•Different type of reports like start/stop vehicle, speed, over speed     alerts, measurement of total distance travelled, etc. can generated.
•Protect from vehicle theft.
•Track multiple vehicle through single window.
•Can track vehicle route instantly.
•Driver able to make emergency call.(optional)
•Rugged construction.
•Instant alert by e-mail or/and sms.
•Geofencing facility.
•Improves driver and vehicle efficiency.