Security Penetration and Application Testing

Software Development Lifecycle emphasises on two very crucial phases regarding final testing and deployment:

AA) Security Penetration: Every software development requires security penetration tests to ensure safety of application and data contained therein.Safety of application primarily revolves regarding protecting of Code and trade secrets, Prevention of back engineering, Stripping of confidential data and proprietary code from application, Access validations for any client application which needs to connect to remote servers for updating, modifying any data, Probable breach of security at client end which can lead access to server and thus compromising security at server end too.

BB) Application Testing: Application deployment at end user brings to desk lot of issues because of the “Field” testing requirements which can never be all traced out in Beta phase or RC release. End user can have any OS and combination of existing software and multiple versions of dependent Libraries co-existing with multiple underlying kernel drivers raises lot of scope of possible ways in which an application can break or crash or not function as planned. This leads not only to loss of ace for the deploying company and release of continuous patches and hot fixes but also high cost of support.

Cognosys strives to provide multiple edged solution to this problem by providing a single window service for Security penetration reports and application testing. Our team of highly trained Security experts can provide you with a candid view of various ways your application can compromise data, server access or even you proprietary code. No among of obfuscation and static linking or digital signing is good enough.

We take security to a totally different level by believing that nothing Which is Out there is safe. Anything which rests on client machine can be broken down given the vigor,time and need of your client(or maybe your competitor).We provide you with custom solution which ensures a abstract layer between what is available to the end user and the binaries actually deployed.
Please contact Cognosys to know how We can help you in ensuring your application is not available to prying eyes in addition to reducing your support costs with ample on field validations