CogHPSockets – High Performance Sockets

CogHPSocket (High Performance Sockets) is unique solution to bridge the portability gaps between various Network Interfaces.

With myriad high-performance networks being introduced into the Ever growing Fast Computing market, each exposing its own communication interface, characterizing the performance gap between these networks is no longer a straightforward task.

Due to the increasingly divergent communication interfaces exposed by the networks, application developers need a common interface that they can utilize in order to achieve portability across the various networks. The socket interface have been one of the most popular choices towards achieving such portability.

Cog High Performance Socket is developed for high performance and scalability.

Cog High Performance Sockets is designed to provide a smooth transition to deploy existing sockets-based applications on clusters connected with networks using offloaded protocol stacks. It sustains most of the network performance by utilizing the offloaded stack for protocol processing.

Cog High Performance Sockets is built on the specification of the best of world standards which allows existing socket-based applications to transparently take advantage of the hardware-offloaded protocol.