Cloud Management As A Service (CMaaS) – The perfect solution for your cloud computing needs

CMaaS_IntroductionCloud Management As A Service (CMaaS) is the only solution to address plethora of customer uncertainties and helps maximize their ROI on Cloud by providing services under one umbrella. Whether you need to deploy you web application to Windows Azure, Instantly create a virtual machine with Windows or Linux as the OS with or without applications and development stacks, setup Auto Scaling on your applications on Windows Azure, Provision SQL or No SQL database, Encode media files, move your applications from Amazon to Azure, need to monitor your websites, View and analyse errors and crashes or want to setup a Cloud Security Gateway, CMaaS can do it all for you.

Cloud_Security_IP_and_Port_ManagementCloud Security Gateway with Malware filtering – CogSecMatrix:
Security infrastructure has gone to the cloud! CMaaS offers Security as a Service, a cloud security gateway and security infrastructure as a service to protect data, applications and infrastructure from malware and virus attacks.


Deployment_ServicesPatent pending Single Click Azure Deployment as a Service(CDaaS)
Want to perform complex stack deployments with combination of .NET/PHP/Java/Glassfish/Scala/TomCat/Jboss etc with Azure Deployment as a Service? Just Drag your application root folder and it shall deploy to your azure subscription using default settings which you do not need to bother about if you are new to azure

Pre-built IaaS Images and pre built combinationf os Open Source technologies
Spending hours setting up VMs? Welcome to the future, Ready to use IaaS images. We can save your time and effort, and provide you with our:
•Pre-Built Windows Images
•Pre-Built Linux Images
•Pre-Built VHD’s
Take them with you on urgent basis as you need, and customize them as per your system, business and performance requirements considering your future plans.

Elastic DNS Production server down? Switch to secondary server in 1 second. Get complete control on your DNS!High availability with DNS control, Never let your servers go down!Achieve greater fault tolerance through load balancing, seamlessly reassign IP address to different instances through Elastic DNS 


CogDB – Database as a Service


1. MySQL as a Service:Using MySQL database in your applications? Save your time and energy from writing scripts for each tasks. Provision new databases, manage users, grant /revoke permission, delete databases whenever you want at a click of a button.

2. Redis as a Service: Redis as a Service, was born out of the need for NoSQL Redis based solutions for organizations looking for low latency, high performance Dataset operations.
Redis as a Service provides managed Redis servers with replication and auto switchover on failure ensuring high availability.


3. MongoDB as a Service:Need an open source, NoSQL database that offers horizontal scalability? We offer you MongoDb, the leading NoSQL database, which will make you applications agile and scalable while reducing the total cost of ownership (TCO). Auto-sharding allows MongoDB to scale from single server deployments to large, complex multi-data centre architectures. Leveraging native caching and RAM, MongoDB provides high performance for both reads and writes. Built-in replication with automated failover enables enterprise-grade reliability and operational flexibility.

4.SQL Server High Availability deployment in Azure IaaS: Windows Azure virtual machines (VMs) with SQL Server can help to lower the cost of a high availability and disaster recovery (HADR) database system. Most HADR solutions available in SQL Server are supported in Windows Azure virtual machines, both as cloud solutions and as hybrid-IT solutions. In a cloud database solution, the entire HADR system runs in Windows Azure, and client applications can connect to it from within Windows Azure or from the internet. The flexibility of the Windows Azure environment enables you to move partially or completely to the cloud to satisfy the budget and HADR requirements of your SQL Server database systems.

CogDAM Digital Asset Managment and CogMedia on Azure Media Services Xbox, Windows PCs, MacOS, iOS Android – your global audience with various platforms (and internet speeds) expects you to deliver content quickly. Media encoding services will do it for you.

Media_EncodingAuto-Scaling as a Service If you are not Auto-Scaling you are not really using Cloud, day time high usage and night time low usage auto-scale and save $$$, the simple Best ROI on Cloud with Auto-scaling
Custom business rules and auto-scaling made easy on Cloud, Get High returns on your Cloud Investment

Application Monitoring and Diagnostics as a Service Load Testing, bandwidth monitoring, reliability, availability, preventing hacking and hijacking – all these monitoring tasks can take a lot of time. How about concentrating on serving your users while a highly efficient system takes care of this for you?