FIX Hardware Solutions

FIX_engine_High_performance_Cognosys_Low_CostWhile Lot of emphasis has been put by multiple vendors on improving the speed of parsing of fix data and increasing throughput in multiple ways, Cognosys takes a more holistic view of this arena.
As is a well said and often repeated analogy- ” You can’t reach There from Here”.
While Software applications do serve their purpose upto a limit but bringing up a solution which can free up CPU cycles and Ram for much better job and shift the leg work to dedicated hardware components leads to not only a Lower latency and a Very HIGH throughput but just the resource allocation required for handling X number of clients goes down exponentially as the servers are completely free.Cognosys brings hardware based FIX and Compression Solutions which are available directly off the Network Card or can be a second PCI card sitting on your server handling all the leg work. Please call us today for discussing how this can serve you better.