Business Intelligence & Analytics on Mobile

Business Intelligence with increased in volume of data generated by companies have generated lot of interest. Gone are the days where simple data grids and drill down reports were considered BI. Executives need now complete customized report on the go to reach business decision as well as to be able to present a better case during a client discussion.

With the new bigger form factor Mobile devices especially that offered by Blackberry netbooks, Android based Mobile units have added to higher internet speed availability BI applications on mobile are getting a lot of recognition. Business Intelligence and Analytics are not only required now for Getting accounts or customer trends but also important for IT admins about server resource usage, monitoring their cloud components, For Traders to know the trends about their portfolios, For sales team to see product wise,sector wise, customer wise reports, for executives to see the performance of their team based on their own custom analytics . Business Intelligence reporting system and dashboards are required not only on desktop applications or web application but also on mobile units as the game is changing in favour of mobile computing and people on the go.

Mobile Dashboards and Business Intelligence Analytics have gained thus a lot of requirements on Blackberry, Android, Symbian and Windows Mobile Phones. Cognosys Offers several ready to use dashboards for Multiple Industries which are ready not only as end user products but can be used as middleware in your own application.