IT Security

IT Security For Corporate Users And Individuals

Corporate Users:

  • Corporate Data Loss Prevention : Data Security concerns are top of any corporate priority lists now a days especially with current technology , social networking, trivial talks on IMs; IT has opened such doors where your competitors can have access even to your properitory Data and confidential company information. Do you know where the risk is coming from? Do you know if your data is safe as of now? Have you conducted a penetration test to find where your IT security fails?

  • Corporate VPN solutions : For mobile users and offices across physically isolated domains, VPN solutions with 2048 bit encryption is what is required to ensure that “man in middle” attacks are avoided.


  • Private Data Security : With GEOIP a commonly used tool,every website has access to  your IP, Location and other detials which might be resident in your cookies left by other webites. So you are expoing what all websites you have been to to everybody without knowing.
  • BreakIT : Caught In an Unsecured network? This shall let you connect to your personal systems and servers without the need of a costly VPN solution. The connection is totally encrypted and get you pass any firewall  with a direct end to end connection with a encrypted wrapper with no residues like Local DNS lookups to bare your coporate or personal server IP or login credentials.