On Demand Amibroker Metastock Multi Feed Data Server

OnDemand MultiFeed Data Server for Amibroker, Metastock and other On Demand Supporting Softwares, is the ultimate Server technology, designed for Professional Traders.
OMDS allows connecting to your TradeStation and SuperCharts 4.0, Metastock Professional 6.52/7.0/8.0 or Advanced GET RealTime for TradeStation 2000i and allows to use OnDemand technology with your available realtime feed. Expand your Technical Analysis view from limits of one software. Our solution allows analysis and comparison of the same realtime quotes over different softwares.

Now you can verify the Strategies, Systems and Signals by more then one chart updated in realtime. With never before flexibility you can maximise your analysis powers by using best features of your favorite softwares, supports all softwares supporting the OnDemand technology.

OMDS additionally gives you its own powerful charting, better than most popular Analysis softwares. It gives you power to script your own alerts a wide range of indicators customisable to your needs. OMDS has historical data storage methodology that allows almost unlimited data to be stored. One can store 50+ years of daily data, years of minute bars and ticks. The historical subsystem stores data in compressed data blocks. These blocks of compressed data can be very quickly updated or accessed.

Important Disclaimer: This feed is different from that offered by any other third party and does not represent any kind of liaison between us and the software provider like amibroker / metastock / etc to which you are trying to feed data.  This is a private solution to help the trader be able to feed custom data to multiple trading software and trading systems.

OMDS allows connecting all your real time data feeds to TradeStation 2000i and Meta Stock. By the MultiFeed Technology you are able to manage all your RealTime Feeds at the same time. You can collect in real time all Ticks and Download the historical data provided by your data suppliers.