CogVirtual Trader- Virtual Trading Appliance

cognosys Virtual trading Technical Analysis charting Suite on Azure

CogVirtual Trader is a Financial Suite with highly advanced Technical Analysis which allows you to trade directly from the chart with either real trading accounts or virtual simulated accounts in real time. CogVirtual Trader empowers you with the thrill of investing with no risk involved.

All the budding and inventive investors/traders can experience the dynamics of real time stocks trading at a zero cost and zero risk basis. Novice investors can learn the basics of trading and test their trading fundamentals and techniques.

Here the user can trade using Actual Exchange data from various exchanges or can use the simulated data provided by Exchange Simulator. Trading or Investment will be done using Virtual Money, Orders placed with all the features of real trade Environment.


If the price desired by the Investor is reached in the spot market his outstanding order is materialized and Investor becomes an owner or seller of the scrip as the case may be. Any Buy / Sell results in deduct or credit in Cash assets of the user. Investor’s net profit, loss and net assets are updated to his Account summary. CogVirtual Trader maintains all the portfolio and account history of each Investor.

Note: The video tag is not supported in Internet Explorer 8 and earlier versions.

CogVirtual Trader is developed to flexibly adapt to Windows / Web as well as SaaS Platform. With Perfect Simulation to the actual Trading System, CogVirtual Trader users will get the same real life experience in the virtual world.

It offers a unique opportunity to trade in real time stock values and testing trading techniques, all with virtual money.