CogCEP – Complex Event Processing

Cognosys leverages Complex Event Processing ( CEP ) which is the latest programmatic model reflecting triggering of Predefined Business action based on dynamic behavior of various business processes across diverse domains and geographical locations.
CogCEP-Complex Event Processing

Event driven programming makes more sense when the underlying code block has to be executed on basis of one event happening or not happening. Polling for the result and poking running processes is a wrong way of approaching this problem. Multiple tiny and unrelated obscure Events makes more sense when seen through a business rule.
Data mining on live streams of aggregate data originating from diverse distributed units help business managers spot,identify, correlate, analyze, manage and evaluate necessary business decisions.

Complex event processing takes into account events happening similar to that in Financial Markets ,Retail Marketing Like Malls or even in Supply Chain Management. While multiple solutions have been brought forward but the essence of perfection of such solution depends upon Faster Data dissemination, Distributed data analysis and real time identification of diseparate patterns correlating historical static data with Real Time Dynamic Data events – windowed and snapshots alike.

Sample case usage is our Financial Algorithmic Trading suite FinApp which make use of CEP extensively to ensure a scalable solution is brought using similar principles in financial services Network.