Zimbra- Self Hosted / Private Cloud

Zimbra Collaboration Suite is a leading Open source solution with production support which is carving out a decent place in the Self Hosted Email servers especially with regard to connection to existing legacy servers like exchange servers, client end applications- Outlook/MAPI client as well as Mobile solutions like Blackberry enterprise messaging.

While smaller companies can afford to neglect the fact that their email and messages are with a third party provider, most companies prefer an in house email server which ensures confidentiality of information exchange between various parties.

With Mobile end user applications gaining importance with the staff on the move, need for a tighter control over information exchange and more focused policy deployment as department wise, role wise and business use wise is very much apparent.

Just Using a few IPSec policies and LDAP control is a thing of the past. we need solutions which can not only extend and grow with demand, be able to connect with end user applications easily (support of legacy applications) but need for a derivative product which can help the company control their users as they want to and not constrained by what is offered by a third party email system provider.

Cognosys being part of VMware Technology Alliance partner Program offers a customised private cloud on which clients can run Zimbra and also offers Complete transition from Legacy systems with painless migration.