Tread an exceptional career  path with us. If you are creative, pro-active and think out of the box, Cognosys is the ideal place to nurture your skills, pursue your interests and achieve your goals.
Cognosys Team is proud to have Tech Staff who are certified from Stanford, who are part of Software Engineering Institute,Carnegie Mellon University (CMU), But a Tier I Engineering background isn’t a prerequisite for success at Cognosys. While many of our team members are certified from IBM, Vmware, Microsoft, Intel but it is not a requisite. Your past does not matter here and maximum shall help you get shortlisted but no more. Fluff will not help you survive one day here while can help get you a plush job at many IT majors. Will you challenge yourself to write a complete stack if the present one doesn’t suit your purposes? We cherish people who are ready to think out of the box and who can Deliver. We look for exceptional ability – period. We are most interested in innate qualities – problem solving, personal impact, achieving and leadership that make a lasting difference.

Cognosys is known for its constant innovation at work which is one of the fastest growing organizations in the country. Acknowledged for an open, perceptive and an all-inclusive culture, professionals capable of combining in-depth IT expertise with strong domain knowledge find immense opportunities to re-invent themselves in the realm of cutting edge technologies. With such talent and innovation its no surprise that we work on solutions higher up the value chain ranging from applications, embedded systems, mobile business solutions to a host of other mission critical applications.

At Cognosys we give you the freedom to be exceptional. Being a multi-faceted solutions team, our approach and expertise helps our clients to realize their objectives. We believe that if a person loves what he/she does and easily draws inspiration from the people around, they deliver work par excellence. So, we are expanding our horizons and are preparing for growth by employing qualified, diligent and motivated personnel to work with us.

If you are interested in exploring career opportunities at Cognosys, Please direct your job inquiries to , with a Complete Overview of work experience(s) including Project Details and we shall get back to you. Please note that We are Always ALWAYS in need of good Team Members from Any field especially Developers(Any Domain) and Product Marketing Managers(Technical background or excellent soft skills) But those..who can perform.