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Project Description

Cognosys adds innovative and ultra-scalable BroadcastMeLive to its media services portfolio using backend of diverse cloud providers giving unbeatable streaming delivery.

Live broadcast events have potential to scale rapidly, exceeding the planned resource capacity and leading to dramatic event failures. Live streaming as a service from Cognosys solves the estimating and resource headaches for organizers leaving them free to  concentrate on making the live events better. Using logarithmic load distribution techniques with live backup layers on multiple cloud providers Cognosys enables the content delivery is smooth and no single point is overloaded, providing a pleasant uninterrupted, no delay, live end user experience. Cognosys Live Streaming as a Service leverages Microsoft Azure and Amazon AWS CDN networks with parallel streams using equitable load distribution and replication providing unbeatable high availability and performance. Most of the organizers are troubled over news reports of fallibility of  even major cloud vendors especially in case of natural disasters, with Cognosys Live Streaming as a service such worries can be put to rest as users are no more dependent on a single cloud vendor’s regional servers. Moreover by paying only what is used and for the time used, users save heavily on otherwise a costly standby capacity.

Cognosys Live streaming provides the backbone to broadcast events live without worrying about user over loads or disruptions ensuring a smooth live experience.