SecureAnyCloud is born in the Cloud Company which is accelerating driven by enterprise needs and are #1 Worlds Largest Publisher for Microsoft Azure & Amazon AWS Marketplace. SecureAnyCloud specializes in provisioning Hardened Ready to Use Images on Microsoft Azure, Amazon AWS and Google Cloud Platform to deploy anything from Sharepoint to WordPress, MySQL to Neo4J, Visual Studio to Cordova – just name it, we have it all. And of course on every distro – from Windows 2016 to Ubuntu. We have grown with AWS, Azure, Google as they have grown up from their initial forays and issues.

secureanycloudHardened Images for Enterprise Deployment:

Ready to Use 1-click Images on Azure and AWS Marketplace. No waiting hours running after sysadmin & Network engineers. Seamless Integration & Immediate Deployment.

Architect and Implement Your Complex Deployment:

We Design your Complex Deployment and carry out end to end deployment and hand over a completely ready system with Live Support!

Managed Cloud Service-Production Support:

We provide complete production support of your machines including supporting your private cloud deployment and maintenance. Enterprise is Hybrid!

Cognosys cloud offering includes 1-click deployment through Azure and AWS marketplaces:

In addition to Prebuilt Windows and Linux Images, we also offer Load balanced Cluster solutions with Multiple frontend Machines( App Servers) with Highly available Backend machines( RDBMS / Nosql)

If you need any particular stack which is not available in any of the marketplaces, Please feel free to write to us and we shall be happy to get this onboarded max in a week.

Live SupportFree 24×7 Technical Support for Enterprise Customers.