Free Azure Cloud Manager – Package Injection – Modify Assemblies and code on the fly

Azure Cloud Director Helps you Inject assemblies,do changes in any of your files or modify your web application dll files without requiring you to repackage and deploy the package again.

Most of developers are faced with acute problem of the need to do a quick fix to a deployed solution where it is a small bug in one of the assemblies or a small CSS change or maybe just a Typo on the main page. To solve this the only way is to rebuild the project and redploy the package. this is a very tedious operation especially if you want to do the bug fix fast and your azure package file is 50-70 MB. To Add this as soon as you intiated the upload process, you saw another small bug. and you need to now again redploy. If you are not using a high bandwidth connection then, the plight of such a deployment is well known to most of azure developers.

Azure Cloud Director : Manage Your Azure cloud

Cloud Director solves this problem by allowing you to just do changes on only the file you want or add/delete the assembly you need to and click a simple button to persist the changes. That’s all.No rebuilding solution. No recreating azure package. no logging to your azure management portal. Just do your changes on files you need to,single click and deploy.

Azure Cloud Director with Smart Package Injection for any time update without loading complete package again.

And this is NOT just one single instance you shall be impacting. With One click its going to be changed across all your deployments for that worker/Web Role.

Below is a small video showing you an example of azure package injection.
Kindly note that complete documentation is in progress and shall be loaded shortly.

Azure Cloud Director ( Video for Azure Package Injection )