Azure Marketplace : Deploying Golden images for Enterprise consumption

Deploying Golden images for Enterprise consumption.
Enterprises have their own requirement form hardening and security perspective which needs to be implemented on each of the machines. This becomes a very tedious task given that a complete hardening process need to be redone every time for each instance.
Azure Marketplace has tried to resolve this problem by providing ways in which standardisation of security and hardening processes is done and a final image is prepared which since early days of HyperV and VMware ESX server is called Golden image.
The marketplace has led to an exponential growth in providing such hardened deployments by standardising what could be deployed by the customer. Time to production for any project is reduced to minutes as an instance is deployed from a hardened golden image.
Various PCI,HIPPA guidelines are taken into consideration by such companies who are selling hardened images on Azure marketplace which helps the traditional companies to reduce there own overhead.


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