Azure Media Services – Digital Asset Management – Live Video Streaming with Multiple encoding service

Cognosys CogDAM is an end to end digital management suite with single click encoding service with live streaming capabilities based on Azure Media Services. This media service allows clients to have a single integrated environment to manage complete media portfolio in house with feedback, rating, user tracking as well as ability to push to media server right from the convenience of a mobile phone. Images and videos of any event can be immediately transmitted to server and encoded automatically in multiple video formats including MP4, flv, swf, avi, wmv, wma etc without any manual intervention. This enables clients to stream content to any user whether on their windows laptops, mac, iphone, ipad or andorid powered phones without spending days trying to encode in multiple video formats and then get it loaded to different media servers.

Additionally, this could be combined with Digital Management Rights to control access to content to offer subscription based services.

Business use case of this service involves around:

A) Corporate Intranet TV: Clients can have an internal streaming service to provide their employees, suppliers and clients about their products, to import trainings to their dealers or internal staff and also to propagate messages and event launches.

B) Corporate Training management software: Clients can use this to track trainings imparted to internal users and can track feedback, ratings as well as build a social community around their internal media catalogue. Managers can assign various compulsory trainings to their teams and track progress and ensure the teams have gone through the required training programs and required assessment.

C) Event Live Streaming software :Live streaming of content is an important requirement of any event and given the diversity of formats which is required to support each kind of personal devices users are having, it is necessary to have an integrated media services solution which is able to provide same in a unified manner. Instead of complex setup for live streaming users are able to stream content using a push to stream option without any technical knowledge.

D) Encoding Service: Clients can convert from multiple different video formats including HLS streaming content , H .264, MPEG-1, MPEG-2, VC-1, Windows Media video, FLV, SWf etc with an option to create custom bitrate ,fps and audio formats.

E) On demand streaming service: Clients looking for media solutions can have nearly unlimited media storage on azure blob storage and offer on demand multiple format streaming service with Cognosys Digital Asset Management service.