Cognosys Launched CogConf – Video Conference & Webcasting Solution For Virtual Classroms – Educational Innovativeness

Cognosys is introducing an exciting tool aimed to dissipate time consuming, lengthy workloads of multi-national banks.
CogConf Webcast and Video Conferencing services makes it easy, cost-effective and reliable to webcast and archive your multimedia presentations – without investing in network hardware, bandwidth and excess manpower. Of course, why waste money and time when you can do

everything with the click of a button. Our revolutionary, easy to use and ergonomically

designed all-in-one CogConf will ensure our users an exceptionally simple and enjoyable

web conferencing experience for remote collaboration and virtual presentations with

anyone irrespective of which part of the world they are in.

CogConf is here to guarantee your business success. Time is precious and every single

minute you, your employees, clients or well-wishers spend travelling is time wasted.

Realizing the benefits of webcasting your next conference, meeting or interview with

video conferencing is crucial towards saving productive time and company’s money.

Even if you need to meet with someone on a completely different time zone, CogConf

video conferencing can easily help you do so without having to leave your house or office

while still having the all-important face-to-face element. You can easily arrange for a

presentation or to close business at any time, from anywhere without having to worry

about conventional office hours. As a CogConf user, you will have the ultimate freedom

being able to work from wherever, whenever. Use hybrid events to reach people who

cannot be present, boost exposure for your organization, sponsors and speakers, and

generate a proven return on investment through new revenue streams.

CogConf makes the job of its users easy due to the instant availability of its various

service. Here’s a summary:

CogConf can take any event to the people who cannot be present. Users can create an

online experience that mirrors the live event, complete with interaction between

presenter and viewers.

CogConf helps users to reach new audiences online, giving them a taste of what the on-

site event is like.

CogConf can help increase revenue by selling live or on-demand access online to

attendees, or selling webcast sponsorship to exhibitors and sponsors.

Will help avoid scheduling conflicts and boost retention as on-site attendees watch

session on-demand.

Users can use Q&A to connect your presenters and the audience and also increase the

flow of information from corporate to the field.

CogConf can help reduce the cost of all-hands meetings and sales, product or other

corporate training and also support green meeting initiatives by eliminating the need for

staff travel.

Avoid the headaches and stress of following the old methods of doing

business and instead, just point and click. Set up a CogConf video

conference and give it a try! We think you’ll be pleasantly surprised by how

easy it can be.