Cognosys MediaCentral, Media ECommerce Solution

MediaCentral launched by Cognosys is an ecommerce platform for media publishers ranging from big media houses to individuals wishing to commercialize their media assets. MediaCentral provides integration with AD/Shibboleth and in depth Business Analytics to media publishers, delivering complete control over media rights and access restrictions. Media management on Cloud has become the need of the hour with mounting infra cost for media storage, and huge amount of money spent on building custom solutions to manage the scattered media assets. MediaCentral is One Stop depot for parking media for publishing, generating advertisement revenue, managing subscribers, notification services, supporting multiple desk and mobile devices. Organizations with minimal technical know-how of cloud technologies and media capabilities can leverage MediaCentral to reach millions of people in a subscription based revenue focused model.

Cognosys Digital Asset Management provides end to end publisher to audience work flow with single click media uploads from any video format to any other video format like MP4, H.264,3GP,WMV,AVI etc., live streaming URLs which work across devices ranging from Windows, Apple Mac laptops to various phones & tablets including Android, IPad, Iphone, Blackberry. MediaCentral Publisher can Drag & Drop upload Media files including pictures, audio, video from local computer to cloud using Push-To-Publish features without worrying about various encodings. MediaCentral backend server also provision very cheap archival storage to park retired media thus redressing the current storage cost woes. MediaCentral Subscriber interface provides identity management, statistics, ratings, comments, feedback and even facility for contest entry panels with categorized gallery media view, tag based searches and Graphical Statistics of Most Viewed, Best Rated, etc.


MediaCentral provides revenue channels like 100 % Ad revenues, content sale to aggregators, direct paid subscriptions, for publishers wishing to monetize their media assets. Leveraging geo-replicated storage and adaptive streaming capabilities offered by Azure Media services, publishers can reach millions of users in a snap at the same time safe guarding the media rights.

Cognosys MediaCentral is best suited for organizations looking to commercialize and channelize their media assets with rights control, for diverse media content spanning over images or audio/ video to reach thousands of internal or external users based on policy and permissions. An end to end media catalogue offering with Business Intelligence over subscription based audience and Ad revenue generation MediaCentral is well suited for multiple verticals from advertising agencies, TV channels to corporate houses.

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