Free Azure Transition Consultation : Transition Any Application to Azure Cloud

We are providing Free Azure Consultation to transition Any Commercially Available application to Azure. While we come up with A More involved Process to bring a much needed streamlined process, Please feel free to use following Ticket Based System to raise your query(link at bottom of this page)

Important notes:
A) We are NOT charging anything for providing consultation for transition. There is NO commitment to Buy any of our services or AZURE services from Microsoft. You can very well use a 3 months free azure trial account to test migration. Please note that we take this on a case to case basis because of innumerable requests.
B) Your request is queued with many others. So if you wish your request to be handled at priority, Kindly Provide us following information when raising ticket:

IMP: Email From Free Email Hosting providers Like gmail/Yahoo etc or Without proper company contact information shall not be replied.

1) Name of Company with contact information( NO information shall ever be released to any third party. We shall NEVER send you any marketing information. Your contact information May be shared with Microsoft Team but no information regarding your project shall be shared even with Microsoft Team.
2)Project Requirements:Presently used number of remote servers/ cloud servers/approx monthly Expense on these servers which you wish to control for the planned application.If You are not using any remote physical server or cloud server and only have physical On premise solution, please mention so.If You Dont have Any solution at all and you are just planning on designing a Prototype, please mention so. Kindly remember we don’t need any of your Code or any properitory material. We shall just guide you on how to solve your specific problem.We shall be signing a NDA(Non Disclosure Agreement) If required by your company.
3)Present Project Architecture:please explain Very briefly what your project is all about. For example: i am Using application with backend as Sql server. Erp application. Problem in shifting legacy code and 32 bit dlls.Request Help in transition.
4)We may not be able to provide you help in language except English.But we shall try to reach out to you to find out if we can arrange for somebody who can speak your native language. BUT this shall be planned ONLY After discussing with your team.
5) We shall NOT provide any reply if the email account is not a corporate email id. Please do not send any email from a free email service like yahoo, gmail etc.please use your corporate email account.

You shall get an Acknowledgment immediately or within 1 Hour max. If you do not recieve so,it means that your email address was wrongly filled or we have hit your bulk mail folder.Please check your bulk/spam folder or fill another ticket and please Crosscheck Your EMAIL address.

Apply for Free Technical Consultation For Windows Azure Transition Without Any Committment

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