Automatic Provisioning of Hospital Management System On Azure

Cognosys Has added to its series of Azure products by adding Automatic Provisioning of Hospital Management System offering a Much Needed Business Intelligence in HealthCare Industry and streamlining flow of Information across different departments with digital dashboards available to the decision makers on their blackberry phones and tablets.
Best_Hosptial_managment_System_ERP Cloud Ready
Our Hospital Management Application on secured private cloud enables you to track, record, retrieve, follow and also schedule every instance at your hospital. Be it pathological tests management, tracking the business flow, managing the payments, Hospital_Management_System
viewing on duty employees or even fixing up the Doctor’s appointment. Cog HMS is the all–in-one end to end solution .

Cheapest Hospital Management SoftwareCognosys Hospital Management system is deployed not only on secured private cloud but also available in dual mode with offline facility. We are offering this facility in those areas where the internet connectivity is not available. With complete data security added to the reliablity  of Windows Azure and HUGE Savings of upfront cost, you can be up and running in less than your monhtly phone bill without any committment.

Cognosys Hospital managment System comes in multiple Languages including Spanish,Portuguese,Japanese,Italian,Arabic,Hindi,marahti,Tamil,Telgu etc. One of major Parts of our Localization inititative is to support all kinds of users coming from different strata and speaking different native languages.