Hospital Management System to suite your needs On Premise / On Cloud

* On Cloud

Cheapest Hospital Management Software
CogHMS is supported with Windows Azure compute instances, SQL Azure, and Windows Azure Storage that suits everyone from small clinics to large multi-specialty hospital chains. With a 99.9% SLA you neither have to worry about downtime, hardware failure, backup and restore, nor do you have to worry about cost of hardware server, software licenses for the server, maintenance and scaling up as the data grows. All you need is an internet connection and workstations. You can also share information and knowledge with your chain of branches and consulting doctors.

* On-Premise solution:
On Intranet
Your hospital is in a single building or in buildings close to each other.
You rather prefer to be in control of your hardware and software.
You do not have reliable internet connection.
You already have a LAN set up on your premises.
If any of these statements are true in your organizations case, no worries, this system can be installed on intranet, without degradation in performance, without affecting the number of packages and without changes to UI. You will get functionality similar to the cloud based system.

Windows Based System
CogHMS on windows is an exact replica of the cloud based system. It offers similar functionality, similar number of modules and similar interface.
The windows based system is designed for small clinics and solo Physicians who do not have many users using the system simultaneously and hence do not require the utility of a cloud or an intranet.