Microsoft Azure StorSimple benefits

Microsoft Azure StorSimple is an integrated storage solution that manages storage tasks between on-premises devices and Microsoft Azure cloud storage. StorSimple is an efficient, cost-effective, and easily manageable storage area network (SAN) solution that eliminates many of the issues and expenses associated with enterprise storage and data protection.

StorSimple devices use the cloud as a tier of storage and sends data to the cloud in a highly efficient and secure manner. Data is stored in the cloud tier in this deduped, compressed, and encrypted format. A side effect of this is that this data is not readily consumable by cloud services that you might want to use. Azure offers a rich bouquet of services and our goal is to let you use the service of your choice on your data to unleash its potential.

Microsoft StorSimple solves this problem by keeping the active working set of data available on a storage appliance installed locally and by migrating the currently unneeded data to the Microsoft Azure Cloud in an encrypted form.

Here are the top 10 key benefits that Microsoft Azure StorSimple:
1. Transparent integration

Uses the iSCSI (Internet Small Computer System Interface) protocol to invisibly link data storage facilities.

2. Reduced storage costs

Allocates sufficient local or cloud storage to meet current demands and extends cloud storage only when necessary.

3. Simplified storage management

Provides system administration tools to configure and manage data stored on-premises, on a remote server, and in the cloud.

4. Improved disaster recovery and compliance

Does not require extended recovery time. Instead, it restores data as it is needed.

5. Data mobility

Data uploaded to Microsoft Azure cloud services can be accessed from other sites for recovery and migration purposes.

6. Business continuity

Allows StorSimple 5000-7000 series users to migrate their data to a StorSimple 8000 series device.

7. Availability in the Azure Government Portal

8. Data protection and availability

Supports Zone Redundant Storage (ZRS), in addition to Locally Redundant Storage (LRS) and Geo-redundant storage (GRS).

9. Support for critical applications

Identifies appropriate volumes as locally pinned which in turn ensures that data required by critical applications is not tiered to the cloud and not subject to cloud latencies or connectivity issues

10. Low latency and high performance

You can create cloud appliances that take advantage of the high performance, low latency features of Azure premium storage.