Radiology Software – Teleradiology

The world of cloud computing has opened new avenues in healthcare which enables better services to the patients. Telemedicine and teleradiology allow remote access to consultants in different cities to offer their opinions to patients sitting in remote areas. Cog HMS by Cognosys is a Hospital management software that incorporates latest technology for providing telemedicine and teleradiology services.

Hospital Management Software Home Page

Cog HMS is the best Radiology Management Software in terms of access anytime anywhere, as data is stored on the cloud with the help of Microsoft Azure technology. Cog HMS has the best Radiology Information System in terms of the user interface, report entry formats for all types of radiology services, and display of images. The radiology module in the software also has PACS (Picture Archiving and Communication System) which allows to access files from investigations into the patient records. The reports can be printed in formats as you like by selecting images and arranging them in proper order.

Radiology Software User Interface

This is a view of the radiology home page, doesn’t it look promising?

The X ray report entry form has fields to enter specific data.

Likewise there are separate entry formats for




PET scan,

Interventional Radiology,




Nuclear Medicine, etc.

The data is stored on the cloud, therefore can be accessed anytime anywhere by consultants, radiologists, doctors and their assistants. As patients can access their data from the cloud anytime anywhere, gone is the headache of carrying around films, and storing them in the house.

The radiology management software and hospital management software, Cog HMS is the best futuristic technology at the disposal of doctors and radiologists now.

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