Azure App Services

Azure App Service converge the need to create websites, mobile backends, and web APIs for any platform or device. Multiple plans including Free and Shared (preview) provide different options to test your apps within your budget.

App Services Microsoft Azure

With Azure App Services you can Quickly build, deploy, scale enterprise-grade web, mobile, and API apps which are platform independent.
It is easy to create multiple ASEs within a single Azure region or across multiple Azure regions. The flexibility makes ASEs ideal for horizontally scaling stateless application tiers in support of high RPS workloads.
Users do not need to manage front ends and workers, entire infrastructure is automatically added or removed as needed with scale up/down of their App Service plans.

App Service update cycle:
App Service assures and maintains its SLA at all times, even during updates. In addition, it avoid updates during local business hours, unless there is a pressing security issue or a high priority item which requires to be mitigated.

Before beginning worldwide updates, update is first deployed to a private region which is not commonly accessible. Only after testing is validated there, roll out to datacenters across the globe is performed.

The typical time for completing updates worldwide is about 10 business days, which allows Azure backend to deploy during each region’s off hours and also avoid deploying to Paired Regions at the same time (for example, East US and West US). When planning your infrastructure for high availability and looking to deploy in multiple regions, it is a good idea to deploy to the paired region of your target region, since if there is a platform issue in the update, it won’t affect the paired region. After mitigating any issue in primary region Azure will then continue to the paired region making sure that the first region update is complete and live.