Azure SQL Data Warehouse

It is a Fast, flexible and secure cloud data warehouse for enterprises.

It Combines the SQL Server relational database with Azure cloud scale-out capabilities. You can increase, decrease, pause, or resume compute in seconds. You save costs by scaling out CPU when you need it,and cutting back usage during non-peak times. It’s easy to deploy, seamlessly maintained, and fully fault tolerant because of automatic back-ups.

There are many features built into Azure that you can take advantage of by creating an Azure SQL Data Warehouse:

  • – A high-performance boost and the ability of globalization.
  • – A lower cost solution with the ability to scale and compute storage. You’re able to pause or resume your databases within minutes.
  • – Seamlessly create your jobs and your hub for analytics along with any native connectivity with data integration and visualization services.
  • – Guarantee of 99.9% availability, as well as regulatory compliance built in, so you don’t need your DBAs to take care of any of this, it’s all taken care of for you.
  • – Built in intelligent caching that helps you accelerate access to your data and query performance.

Whether you are a large or small company and you’re looking for a place to run your data warehouse, move it to the cloud. Azure SQL Data Warehouse will not only improve performance, but also allow you to benefit from the many features and advantages that come with Azure.