Azure Virtual Machines

Virtual Machines are one of several types on-demand, scalable computing resources. Azure VMs provide you with an operating system and networking capabilities to run a wide range of applications.

On virtual machine, cloud allows scale on demand. That means that you pay for use on the cloud, and don’t need to maintain the physical hardware that runs the virtual machine. Configuring and maintaining the software that runs on VM is required. By the comparison of App Service, Cloud Service, and Azure Virtual Machine.

Azure Virtual Machines

Whether your mission-critical applications are powered by Linux, Windows Server, SAP, or Oracle, Azure offers certification and support for multiple such workloads, including your favorite open source technologies. In the 50 Azure global regions, users can choose from a wide variety of virtual machine sizes and storage performance classes configured for specific types of workloads. For specific applications Azure IaaS provides purpose-built, bare-metal infrastructure that can scale to extreme sizes.

Enables hybrid cloud strategy

Secures and manages your workloads with built-in tools

Reduces and optimizes infrastructure costs

Creates virtual machines in seconds. Choose from our images or other images provided by partners and the community.