Hospital Information Management System CogHMS

Tired of complicated hospital management systems? Tired of multiple logins? Tired of too many numbers, too many entries, so tired of your HMS software that you wish there were a manual entry?
Cognosys Hospital Management System Software eliminates your worries, it is the very user friendly and the best user rated hospital management software, lab management software, lab information software, radiology information software, hospital information software, blood banking software, human resource software, quality control software, in one suite.
CogHMS is a one in all Hospital Management System Software which eliminates the headache of multiple softwares for multiple purposes. This is single portal for all purposes streamlining workflow and making patient data entry and patient data management simpler than ever.
CogHMS, by providing unique identification with biological identifiers and cloud computing, makes it possible for patients to access their health related information from the cloud wherever they go – totally paperless. All patients would like to have their data, linked with family data on the cloud, HIPAA compliant.
The unique identification makes patient registration and identification much more safe for doctors and nurses. Do away with the numerous things to remember, cluttering your mind space. The doctors and nurses workbench gives you instant access to patients all details, inpatient status, scheduled investigations, medication to be administered, duty alerts, critical alerts, and much more modules which makes management of patients, Hospital Management System Software fun. Now they do not need to worry about pending investigations/ reports to arrive as they track investigation status and view reports.
The canteen, pharmacy, store and laundry management tools make it much easier and faster to keep the house in working order with fewer breakdowns and communication delays.
The Hospital Management System Software can monitor in real time, the inpatient, outpatient, operative procedures/ operations, billing, and other details.