Hospital Management Software – CogHMS

Troubled deciding on The Best Hospital Management System? Buying Laboratory Management Software? Buying Radiology Information Systems? Buying Hospital Human Resource Management Software?
How to decide what is the best Hospital Information System?

– Is it prepared by certified individuals e.g. IBM Healthcare solutions Mastery?
– Does it have Compliance with NABH, NABL, CAP, HIPAA?
– An all in one system with Radiology Information Management System & PACS, Laboratory Management System (covering Pathology, Biochemistry, Microbiology, Scopy and more), Blood Bank Management, Nursing Management, Medical Specialities Management, Human Resource Management, Pharmacy Management, Management of Hospital Utility Services etc?

The futuristic management system for healthcare is here, Panacea to your worries on Hospital Management- CogHMS. Hospital management is now easy with Cognosys latest version of Hospital Management Software CogHMS which incorporates a number of features which were until now tedious paperwork. Now you can manage hospital resources at the click of a mouse, view current status, balance sheets, employees on call, inpatients, track investigations, and many more things which were hitherto a difficult task.
CogHMS has a very user friendly interface with options of logging in from blackberry,IPAD and other smartphones.

CogHMS makes your hospital patient management almost paperless with provision of data entry modules for insurance, medicolegal purpose, doctor’s notes, operative notes, discharge notes etc. There are provisions for nursing stations, doctors stations, investigations like pathology information systems, radiology information systems, stores management, pharmacy management, billing, salaries, etc.
Also very promising are input tools for additional data required by accreditating agencies and audit facilities which ensure compliance with NABH, HIPAA, NABL and CAP.

We provide schedulers for doctor’s appointments, operation theater bookings, nurse’s workbench, one window view of all details of the patient, search tool, specialties’ data entry, inpatient monitoring tools, operation theatre notes, adverse events reporting, quality management tools and much and much more.

The modules we provide include but not limited to
Patient Management
Advanced Patient Management
Doctor Management
Investigations (Radiology, Laboratory, Scopy, Other)
Financial Management
Laundry Management
Blood Bank Management
Medical Insurance Management
Pharmacy Management
Stores Management
Canteen Management
Multi Specialities
Multicentre / Multi Branch
Business Analytics
Access Security
Touch Panel Based Kiosks
HR Management
Resource Management

Our futuristic features include-
Biological unique patient identification enabling patients to access their data from the cloud anytime anywhere.
Mobile access enabling doctors to keep a track of their patients and duty schedules.
Nurses station with schedulers for patient medication, appointments, duties.
SMS system to provide alerts of critical results, duties, messages, reminders.
Data entry points for recording data for quality management and accreditation compliance.