Certified From Stanford – Advanced Computer Security – Software Security

Adding to our committment to IT security, Cognosys Team Member has Been certified from Stanford For Advanced Computer Security Certificate in Software Security Foundations. Cognosys Invests in its employees to get certified from premier Organizations for professional upgradation as well as offering to our clients well certified IT consultants.
Stanford stands apart in its committment especially to IT education and Computer sciences in general.
Given Cognosys Emphasis on Cloud security and server managment, continued efforts to ensure that somebody who is offering you services is kept not only upto the mark on the current cutting edge technology but also ensuring that the responsblity of maintaining rests on able shoulders.
This certification is in addition to cognosys efforts to Bringing IBM Industry solutions Mastery sales Certified individuals for various industries. Cognosys Employees include those certifed in IBM banking & finance Industry solutions Mastery,IBM Retail Industry solutions Mastery,IBM Healthcare Industry Solutions Mastery,IBM Automotive Industry Solutions Sales Mastery, IBM Energy & Utilities Industry Solutions ,IBM Telecommunications Industry Solutions Mastery etc.
Cognosys works to ensure that its clients are offered best of serices provided through best of Certified IT Staff who are not only qualified to do the job in hand but also recognised by the industry to have the requesite qualifications to do so.
Hire a Consultant today to offer you not only the best solution in your industry but to offer you a Solution which is highly optimized and economical.